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Embark on a journey with our social-led initiatives as we actively support micro and small to medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) within the construction industry. Through our knowledge hub and activity tracking platform, we empower businesses to enhance their responsibility in construction projects. By bolstering capabilities, SMEs gain a competitive edge in tendering processes, fostering a more sustainable and responsible construction industry. Partner with us to contribute to positive change within the construction sector. 

Why Us & Why Now


Why Us -  Our dedication to supporting small to medium-sized enterprises in the construction industry, providing a knowledge hub and activity tracking platform to enhance their capabilities and competitiveness, and fostering a more sustainable and responsible construction ecosystem.

Why Now - As the construction sector evolves, choosing Gneiss Community Developments ensures you are at the forefront of positive change, contributing to the growth and responsibility of the industry while reaping the benefits of a more competitive and capable workforce.


With the help of our customised programmes, adopt ethical business practices. Boost the effect of your leadership, optimise processes, and constructively impact the environment and community. Select the programme that best fits your company's objectives and set a path to long-term success.

Welcome to Gneiss's Responsible SME's Programmes. The following feature programmes are available:

Responsible Founder (Strategy)

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Elevate your leadership by strategically embedding responsible practices into your business model. Benefit from improved leadership skills, a culture of responsibility, and alignment with ethical and sustainable principles. Sign Up Here

Social Value Readiness 

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Infuse social impact into your business model, ensuring positive contributions to your community. Enhance community relationships, build brand reputation, and access new opportunities through a heightened focus on social impact. Sign Up Here

 Corporate social responsibility (CSR) Readiness

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Develop and implement CSR initiatives aligned with your business values and societal needs. Enjoy improved brand reputation, enhanced stakeholder trust, and attraction of socially conscious customers and partners. Sign Up Here

Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) Readiness

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We will equip your business with tools to integrate sustainability and promote responsible business practices. Benefit from mitigating environmental impact, attracting socially responsible investors, and enhancing long-term business resilience. Sign Up Here

Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive  

(CSRD) Readiness

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Prepare for transparent reporting, guiding effective communication of your responsible practices. Benefit from improved transparency, meeting reporting requirements, and enhancing credibility with stakeholders. Sign Up Here

Responsible Business (Systems) 

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Streamline responsible practices for long-term business growth. Benefit from improved operational efficiency and a culture of integrity and sustainability within your organisation. Sign Up Here

Growth Plan

Supporting SMEs 

We understand the challenges faced by SMEs in navigating the complex landscape of the construction industry. Our organisation provides tailored support aimed at enhancing their capabilities, competitiveness, and ethical standards.

Knowledge Tracking

The drive of our support is to provide a comprehensive knowledge hub and activity-tracking platform. These resources serve as invaluable tools, offering SMEs access to a wealth of industry-specific information, best practices, and guidelines for responsible construction.

Enhancing Responsibility in Projects

 By leveraging our knowledge hub and activity tracking platform, SMEs gain insights into responsible construction methodologies. They are equipped with the necessary resources to embed ethical and sustainable practices into their projects, enhancing their responsibility and integrity.

Competitiveness in Tendering Processes

 Empowered with enhanced capabilities and a deeper understanding of responsible construction, SMEs become more competitive in tendering processes. This competitiveness extends beyond pricing, emphasising their commitment to sustainability and ethical practices, thus fostering a more responsible industry ecosystem. 

Impact on Sustainability

The support provided by Gneiss Community Development has a profound impact on the overall sustainability of the construction industry. Empowered SMEs contribute to the creation of environmentally conscious structures, minimise ecological footprints, and play a significant role in fostering social and economic growth within local communities.

Building a Responsible Industry

 By bolstering the capabilities of SMEs, we collectively work towards building a construction industry that prioritises responsibility, sustainability, and ethical standards. Our efforts drive a positive transformation, shaping a future where responsible practices are integral to construction endeavours. 

Ways to support, Sponsor and Partner With Us.

Your sponsor and partnership help to make 
our vision becomes a reality. 

We work hard to understand the key needs and objectives of those who support our work and work closely with them to achieve a progressive and mutually beneficial relationship, celebrating sponsorship meaningfully. Whether giving talks and CPDs to staff, matching skills with our volunteering needs, or simply sharing more about our work to help people promote our impact and help grow our fundraising and reach. We want to create a thriving community of supporters at all levels. Without this supportive community of sponsors, we could not deliver our work at the scale we do.

If you want to learn more about becoming a sponsor, please get in touch.

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