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Featured Project: Slade Gardens, Lambeth, London

Aims of the Project

The Slade Gardens Community Hub project aims to establish a permanent home for the Adventure Playground, securing its financial sustainability and preserving this vital playspace for future generations amidst the challenges posed by the COVID-19 crisis. Facing economic uncertainties and the cessation of Lambeth funding, the Slade Gardens Community Play Association has strategically decided to revise plans, reducing costs while maintaining the project's original scope and facilities.

Leveraging Lambeth's support through a £1 million grant, the project seeks to bridge the funding gap by engaging the local community and corporate partnerships. The fundraising strategy includes community outreach, events, campaigns, and efforts to attract local businesses for sponsorship. The emphasis on community involvement extends to the engagement of local contractors, highlighting the benefits of supporting the project in terms of community development and economic growth.

The project timeline outlines milestones and deadlines for construction phases and fundraising targets, ensuring transparency and accountability. A robust communication plan involves regular updates through various channels, including social media and community workshops, fostering a sense of involvement and garnering valuable feedback.

The Slade Gardens Community Hub project presents an opportunity for stakeholders to contribute financially, participate in fundraising events, and for local contractors to engage in construction. The call to action seeks broad community support to realise the vision of a sustainable, vibrant hub for future generation 

The success of the Slade Gardens Community Hub project depends on the collective support of individuals, businesses, and the local community. 

Here's how you can make a difference:

1. Financial Contributions

  • Your donations, large or small, play a crucial role in bridging the funding gap.
  • Visit our website or contact us to make a direct contribution and be a part of building a lasting legacy.

4. Volunteer and Participate:

  • Contribute your time and skills by volunteering for various aspects of the project.
  • Attend community workshops and information sessions to share your insights and ideas. 

2. Community Engagement

  • Attend the fundraising events and campaigns to show your solidarity with the project.
  • Spread the word! Share our updates on social media and encourage your network to get involved.

5. Stay Informed

  • Follow our social media and website journey for regular updates and milestones.
  • Attend community meetings and workshops to stay connected and informed about the project's progress.

 3. Local Contractors and Businesses:

  • If you're a local contractor, join us in bringing the Slade Gardens Community Hub to life.
  • Businesses, explore sponsorship opportunities and demonstrate your commitment to community development. 

Together, we can transform the vision of the Slade Gardens Community Hub into a reality, ensuring a vibrant, sustainable space for generations to come. Your support is the key to building a resilient and thriving community hub. 


Join us on this exciting journey! 

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